About points

How to use points

<< About points >>

1, Refund rate
Point return rates vary depending on the four membership ranks.

[Regular] 1% of the purchase amount
[Bronze] 3% of the purchase amount
[Silver] 5% of the purchase amount
[Gold] 5% of the purchase amount

2. Conversion <br data-mce-fragment="1">Points are converted into 1 point and 1 yen.

3. Birthday points
We will give you birthday points (500Pt) on the 1st of your birthday month.
Birthday points can be used for 30 days from the date of grant.
*Please note that it will disappear after that.

4. Check and history of points held
The number of points you have will be displayed on your My Page.

Additionally, changes in points will be displayed in the "Point History" section of My Page.

<< Note >>

*This is only for members, so please be sure to log in to use it.
*Points are awarded differently in stores and online shops.
<Store> Points will be awarded for tax-excluded prices. <Online Shop> Points will be awarded for tax-included prices. *Points cannot be used after an order has been placed.
*Cannot be used in conjunction with coupon code.

<< How to use >>

1. Enter the points you want to use on the "Cart" page and select "Use Points".

2. Select "Proceed to checkout".
*Discounts for points used will not be reflected at this point.
It will be reflected at checkout from the next screen onwards.