2021 Autumn Collection



      A. Bibliotheque Classique blouse
      Bordeaux / Navy / Brown ¥ 7,480 (tax included) BUY
      B. Bibliotheque Classique Skirt
      Brown / Navy / Green ¥ 10,780 (tax included) BUY
      C. Bibliotheque Classique Beret
      Brown / Navy / Green ¥6,050 (tax included) BUY
      D. Bibliotheque Classique Knit Cardigan
      Bordeaux / Gray / Brown / Black ¥6,270 (tax included) BUY
      E. Bibliotheque Classique book bag
      Brown / Bordeaux ¥6,985 (tax included) BUY

      F . Classique Dolly Ribbon lace jabot blouse
      Black / Pink / Blue / Bordeaux ¥7,370 (tax included) BUY
      G . Classique Dolly Ribbon Layered Middle Skirt
      Pink / Blue / Bordeaux ¥9,790 (tax included) BUY
      H. Classique Dolly Ribbon Layered Long Skirt
      Pink / Blue / Bordeaux ¥10,230 (tax included) BUY
      I. Classique Dolly Ribbon Three Pin
      Blue / Bordeaux / Pink ¥4,290 (tax included) BUY
      J. Frill Square Sailor Collar Dress
      Pink check / Black check / Navy / Green ¥9,350 (tax included) BUY

      K . Divine Knight double button blouse
      Black / Bordeaux / Gray ¥7,040 (tax included) BUY
      L. Divine Knight shorts
      Black / Gray ¥6,985 (tax included) BUY
      M . Divine Knight halter neck vest
      Black / Gray ¥6,985 (tax included) BUY
      N . Mysterious Librarian's Cocktail Hat
      Bordeaux / Black / Navy ¥ 6,820 (tax included) COMING SOON
      O. Divine Knight Inverted Pleated Dress
      Khaki / Black / Gray ¥ 10,450 (tax included) COMING SOON
      P. Bibliothequ Cafe loafer pumps
      Beige / Bordeaux / Black / Brown S / M / L ¥6,875 (tax included) BUY

      *Items shown are scheduled to arrive in late July.
      (These products are available in the last of July)
      * Since the posted item is a sample, it may differ from the actual product, and the color may look slightly different depending on the viewing environment.
      *Please contact each shop for any questions regarding items.