◆Amavel2021 lucky bag◆Notice of reservation acceptance


      Sorry to keep you waiting.
      We will finally start accepting reservations for ◆Amavel 2021 lucky bag◆ from 2020/12/02 (Wednesday).

      /> <br><br> <span class='notranslate'> </span>This time, <font color= Two types are available: [6-piece set with coat] and [5-piece set without coat] !
      It even comes with original socks, so you can complete a whole body outfit♪
      *[6-piece set with coat] and [5-piece set without coat] contain the same items except for the coat.

      ◆◇If you make a reservation at the online shop◇◆※Please be sure to check.

      We will start accepting reservations at the online shop from 12:00 on Wednesday, December 2, 2020.
      [Products] + [Points] will be awarded for reservations made in the Online Shop.

      ・[6-piece set with coat] ⇒ "product" + "2,000 yen worth of points x 2 times"
      ・[5-piece set without coat] ⇒ "product" + "2,000 yen worth of points x 1 time"

      * Points will be awarded on 2021/01/01 (Friday), and can be used for ¥ 2,000 (2,000 points) for purchases of ¥ 10,000 (tax included) or more.
      *Points can only be used at the Online Shop.
      *Points will be given to members who have reserved the 2021 lucky bag.
      If you are not registered as a member, you cannot give points.
      Please be sure to register as a member before booking a lucky bag.
      If you have already registered as a member, please be sure to log in before making a reservation.
      * Point expiration date: 2021/01/01 (Friday) 11:00 to 2021/02/28 (Sunday) 23:59
      * Reservation acceptance period: 12:00 on Wednesday, December 2, 2020-ends when the number of reservations is reached
      Please note that the speed to reach the specified number is faster.
      *Delivery period: As this is a pre-order product, we cannot accept the delivery date specified by the customer.
      We will ship on the specified arrival date of 2021/01/01 (Friday).
      Please enter a delivery address that can be received on 2021/01/01 (Friday).
      If you are unable to pick up your parcel on the same day, there is a possibility that your parcel will be returned, so please be sure to contact Sagawa Express for redelivery.
      *Lucky bags are reserved items, so you cannot order them together with regular items.
      If you ordered a regular sale product, we will cancel the regular sale product.
      * Reservations at the online shop are limited to [3 pieces in total per order] per person.
      Example) 2 6-point sets + 5-point sets = 3 in total
      Please note that if you have reserved a maximum of 3 or more, we will cancel your order.
      *You cannot use the ¥4,000 shopping ticket for store reservations at the online shop.
      * When using TENSO.con, only credit card payments are accepted.
      Please note that customers who use cash on delivery or deferred payment will be canceled by us.
      * [5-piece set without coat] is less than 10,000 yen including tax, so the shipping fee will be applied. For details, please check here.

      ◆◇If you make a reservation at the store◇◆

      [Product] + [Shopping ticket] will be included in the reservation at the store.

      ・[6-piece set with coat] is "6 items" + "Shopping ticket ¥ 4,000"
      ・[5 items without coat] is "5 items" + "Shopping ticket ¥ 2,000"

      One shopping ticket can be used for each purchase of ¥ 5,000 (tax included).
      * Shopping ticket expiration date: 2021/02/28 (Sun)

      ■ Those who wish to receive over-the-counter ■

      Reservations can be made in-store or by phone.
      Please pay the price when you receive the lucky bag. (cash, credit card accepted)
      * Reservation acceptance period: 2020/12/02 (Wednesday)-12/31 (Thursday)
      *Delivery period:
      [Harajuku store…2021/01/01 (Fri)-01/06 (Wed)]
      [Ikebukuro store, Shinjuku store, Osaka store, Sendai store...2021/01/02 (Sat)-01/06 (Wed)]

      ■Those who wish to have delivery■

      Please make a reservation at the store. We cannot accept requests by phone.
      Payment is made in advance. (Cash only, no credit cards)
      The shipping fee for the lucky bag must be paid in advance in cash.
      * Reservation acceptance period: 2020/12/02 (Wed)-12/20 (Sun)
      *Delivery period can be specified: 2021/01/01 (Fri)-01/04 (Mon)
      (If you do not specify, we will deliver according to the specified delivery date of 2021/01/01 (Friday))
      *Reservations at the store will be [up to 2 regardless of type] per person.
      * If the number of reservations has reached the specified number, reservations may be closed even during the period.
      * 2021 lucky bags will only be sold at the Sendai store.
      The Ikebukuro, Shinjuku, Harajuku, and Osaka stores will only sell by reservation, and will not sell over the counter at the beginning of the year.

      Please contact the SHOP for details.

      ★ Ikebukuro store

      ★Harajuku store

      ★Shinjuku store

      ★Osaka store

      ★ Sendai store

      Business days differ during the year-end and New Year holidays.
      We will announce the schedule for the year-end and New Year holidays later, so please check it.


      *The contents of the lucky bag are subject to change without notice.
      *Images of lucky bag items cannot be published.
      *We do not accept requests or specifications for size or color.
      * We do not accept returns, exchanges, or cancellations of lucky bags.
      *Delivery may be delayed as the delivery industry is very busy during this period.
      We appreciate your understanding.

      * Customers who browse the product page before the reservation start time, please be sure to update the page when the reservation start time comes.