Information about membership


      If you register as a member, you can use benefits according to rank according to the annual purchase amount and a point program common to stores and OnlineShop.

      If you register as a new member, you will receive " 500pt " as a new membership point!!
      Please register and enjoy your shopping.

      Customers who have already registered as a member at OnlineShop do not need to register as a member with the app.
      We have already given 500 points to customers who have registered as members .
      You can also log in to the app with the email address and password you are using , so please check the points you have on the "My Page" of the Online Shop and the app before using it.

      Customers who have already registered as a member at OnlineShop can log in to the app with their email address and password.
      Please note that if you register as a member more than once, the annual purchase amount cannot be added up.

       << Membership Services and Benefits >>

      Four membership levels are available according to the purchase amount for the year ( 365 days).
      ・ Membership ranks are updated daily, and membership ranks fluctuate up and down depending on the total purchase amount.
      * Since sale items are not eligible for points, they will not be reflected in the member rank target amount.

      *Shipping fee is a benefit only for OnlineShop.

      ◆ Birthday point

      Birthday points will be awarded at the beginning of the birthday month. (Valid for 30 days)
      Please check from My Page.
      In addition, for customers who joined in the middle of the birthday month, we will grant it the day after the joining date (10:00).

      [About giving points]

      ・We will give it to members who have purchased at stores and online shops.
      ・The point redemption rate is 1 % to 5 % of the purchase amount (excluding tax), which varies depending on the membership rank.
      ・ Sale items are not eligible.
      ・Granted points can be used for one year from the grant date (next shopping).
      After that, the points will disappear.

      [About using points]

      ・ Points can be used at stores and online shops .
      ・Points can be used as 1 point = 1 yen.
      ・Points cannot be used in combination with other benefits (coupons, etc.).

      *Points awarded and used may differ slightly between online shops and physical stores.

      ◆ For customers who have completed membership registration at OnlineShop before the renewal

      The former member service will end on Thursday, August 3 , 2023 .
      You can continue to use the email address and password you have been using.

      Also, you can use the e-mail address and password used in OnlineShop when logging in to the official app, so there is no need to register as a new member on the official app.

      For those who have been using the previous membership service, based on the purchase history for the past one year (from August 5, 2022 to August 4, 2023) from the opening date, you will be transferred to the membership rank of the new membership service. We are reflecting it.

      ◆ For customers who have a stamp card that can be used at the store

      ・ Stamp cards will be handed out until August 3 , 2023 (Thursday).
      ・ Stamps and discounts will be available until the end of November 2023 .
      Please note that you will not be able to use the stamp card after that.

      To register as a member, please proceed from "New Member Registration/My Page" on the top of the app.

      After the start, there may be some unfamiliar parts that may cause inconvenience, but we would appreciate it if you could understand.

      We will continue to provide other member services that will please our customers, so please look forward to it.

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