Announcement of Amavel2023 lucky bag reservation


      Sorry to keep you waiting!!
      Each SHOP will start accepting reservations for "2023 Lucky Bag" from 2022/12/5 (Monday).

      Click here for the lucky bag

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      ■When making a reservation at the Online Shop■

      [Reservation acceptance period]
      2022/12/5 (Mon) 12:00-ends when the number of reservations is reached

      [6 products] + [¥3,000 coupon code] will be given to reservations made through the online shop.

      * The coupon code will be given to members who have reserved the 2023 lucky bag.
      * If you are not registered as a member, you cannot give a coupon code.
      *Please be sure to register as a member before booking the lucky bag.
      *Also, if you are a member, please be sure to log in before making a reservation.
      * Up to 10 coupon codes (10 codes) will be given per person.

      [Coupon code expiration date]
      2023/1/1 (Sun) 11:00 to 2023/2/15 (Wed) 23:59
      The coupon code can be used once (¥3,000) for purchases of ¥15,000 (including tax) or more.

      [Delivery period]
      As this is a pre-order product, we cannot accept delivery requests from customers.
      2023/1/1 (Sun) We will ship on the specified arrival date. Please enter a delivery address that can be received on Sunday, January 1, 2023.

      If you are unable to pick up your parcel on the same day, there is a possibility that your parcel will be returned, so please be sure to contact Sagawa Express for redelivery.

      Note Precautions when making reservations at the Online Shop Note

      Inventory is not secured when the customer puts the product in the shopping cart. The stock is secured when the payment is completed and the order is confirmed .
      ・Lucky bags are reserved items and cannot be ordered together with regular items.
      ・Reservations at the online shop are limited to [3] per person.
      ・Shopping tickets for store reservations cannot be used at the online shop.
      ・The coupon code can only be used at the Online Shop.

      Please note that the product page of the lucky bag will be released when the reservation starts.

      Click here for the lucky bag

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      ■ When making a reservation at a store ■

      [product] + [shopping ticket ¥ 3,000] will be included in the reservation at the store.

      One shopping ticket can be used for each purchase of ¥ 5,000 (tax included).
      *Shopping ticket expiration date: Wednesday, February 15, 2023

      ■ Those who wish to receive over-the-counter ■
      Reservations can be made in-store or by phone.
      Please pay the price when you receive the lucky bag. (cash, credit card accepted)

      [Reservation acceptance period] 2022/12/5 (Monday)-12/31 (Saturday) *Umeda store until 12/30 (Friday)
      [Delivery period]
      ・ Ikebukuro store, Shibuya store, Umeda store ... 2023/1/2 (Monday) to 1/7 (Saturday)
      ・Shinjuku store…2023/1/4 (Wednesday) to 1/7 (Saturday)

      ■Those who wish to have delivery■
      Please make a reservation at the store. We cannot accept requests by phone.
      Payment is made in advance. (Cash only, no credit cards)
      The shipping fee for the lucky bag must be paid in advance in cash.
      [Reservation acceptance period] 2022/12/5 (Mon)-12/18 (Sun)
      [Delivery period] 2023/1/1 (Sunday) to 1/4 (Wednesday) (If there is no designation, we will ship by specifying delivery on 2023/1/1 (Sunday))
      *Due to soaring shipping charges and raw material prices, the shipping charges have increased from the previous year. note that.
      The amount varies depending on the destination area, so please check with the store for details.

      ■ Precautions when making reservations at stores ■
      ・ Up to [2] per person can be reserved at the store.
      ・If the specified number of reservations is reached, reservations may be closed even during the period.
      ・Stores other than the Shibuya store will only be sold by reservation, and will not be sold at stores at the beginning of the year.
      ・Since only a very small amount will be sold at the Shibuya store, please make a reservation if you wish to purchase it.

      [Ikebukuro store] ☎03-3984-0265
      [Shinjuku store] ☎03-6380-0420
      [Shibuya store] ☎03-6712-7330
      [Umeda store] ☎06-6366-6053

      *Business hours may change from normal, so please check the SNS of each SHOP for details.

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      Note Amavel 2023 lucky bag notes Note

      ・The contents of the lucky bag are subject to change without notice.
      ・Images of lucky bag items cannot be published.

      ・We do not accept requests or specifications for size or color.
      ・We do not accept returns, exchanges, or cancellations of lucky bags.
      ・Delivery may be delayed during the period when the delivery industry is very busy. We appreciate your understanding.

      Sorry, there are no products in this collection.