[Attention] Regarding fraudulent orders


Thank you for using Amavel Online Shop .

 Currently, malicious acts involving unauthorized use of other people's credit cards are increasing in online shopping ( EC ), and this is becoming a problem.

At our Online Shop , in order to prevent malicious acts that involve unauthorized use of another person's name, address, contact information, credit card, etc., if the order falls under the following items, we will put the order on hold and contact you by email or phone. We may ask you to confirm your order (identity verification).

- If the order is similar to a fraudulent order detected in the past - If multiple credit card payment attempts have been made - If multiple payment attempts have been made using several types of credit cards - High risk If the order is made using an internet connection - The country where the order was placed and the billing country are different - The billing address does not match the address registered on the credit card If the delivery address requires proof (receipt signature), etc. - If the sender canceled the delivery at another company in the past - If the email address cannot be sent - If the phone number is not in use - others

Please note that if any of the following items are found, we will cancel your order.

・If we cannot contact you by phone or email ・If the phone number and email address are found to belong to a third party ・If it is determined that the credit card was fraudulently used ・Others

*Customers, please register your correct address, phone number, and email address when shopping.

At our Online Shop, if we discover fraudulent use of your credit card, we will submit the IP address and other information collected at the time of ordering to the local police station.

Thank you for your understanding.