Precautions when ordering (securing inventory)

Thank you for using AmavelOnlineShop.
Please check the following regarding points to note when ordering (securing inventory) before using.

Please note that inventory is not secured at the time the customer places the item in the shopping cart.
The product will be secured when the payment is completed and the order is completed .

In rare cases, such as when orders are concentrated due to popular products or novelties, even if the order has been completed, the stock may run out due to the timing of payment.
Please understand that even if the order has been completed, the product may not be available due to lack of stock.
If there is a shortage of stock, we will take the following measures.

*It will be in stock for those who make a payment as early as possible.
*After completing your order, we will send you a cancellation email for lack of stock.

The expiration date of the shopping cart is 14 days, during which the items added to the shopping cart will be displayed in the cart, but it may be sold out before the order is completed.
note that.