Membership service

      We would like to inform you about the current member services (before revision on August 4, 2023).

      Information on member services

      It is a free service such as annual membership fee and registration fee that you can enjoy shopping conveniently at a discount.
      If you register as a member, you can purchase smoothly without entering your name, delivery address, etc. from the next time.

      ◆◇◆ Click here for new member registration◆◇◆

      Introduction of membership ranks and benefits

      We offer four membership levels based on annual purchase amounts.
      When the cumulative purchase amount exceeds a certain amount, the member rank will rise and you can receive benefits according to the rank.

      The rank is updated at 00:00 on the 1st of every month, and you can check the membership rank on My Page after logging in.
      * The amount of purchases made at the store is not included in the rank-up conditions.
      Only purchases made in the Online Shop are eligible.
      *Purchased without registering as a member will not be counted.
      In addition, we do not accept returns for such reasons.

      * The total amount of purchases will be reflected in the rank from the 1st of the following month.
      Example) If you purchase on April 10th, the purchase amount will be reflected on May 1st.

      *In the event of cancellation or refusal to receive the item, it will not be added to the total purchase amount.
      *Purchase amount is the total amount purchased in the past year.

      See the table below for details.

      ■If your first registration is on 2/20■

      * From the day you register, you will become a regular member regardless of the amount you purchase.
      *Even if more than 12 months have passed since your last purchase, you will become a regular member unless you delete your registration.

      Order cancellation and summary function

      [Order flow]

      You can check your order history on My Page, and after completing your order, it will be divided into 3 statuses.

      "Unshipped" → "Preparing for delivery" → "Delivered"

      ■ In case of cancellation

      You can cancel your order only if it has not been shipped.

      ▼How to cancel
      1) Click the "Details" button on the right side of the order number you want to cancel from the top of My Page.

      2) Click the "Cancel order" button on the right side of the order details page you want to cancel.

      3) Confirm on the confirmation screen and click the "Cancel order" button.

      After completion, we will send you an email notifying you of the cancellation of your order.

      It is not possible for the customer to combine (bundle) the items themselves.
      Please contact the AmavelOnlineShop secretariat only if you absolutely want to combine (include) due to circumstances.

      *Even if you contact us, we may not be able to combine (include) your order depending on the customer's order status.
      *It may take some time for us to respond after contacting you with a summary (included).

      In some cases, there may be a time lag before we can respond and the product may be shipped.
      We cannot accept cancellations after the product has been shipped.
      We would appreciate it if you could be careful not to use the package (enclosed) when ordering.

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