China coordination ideas collection


      China coordination ideas collection
      An idea for a gorgeous Chinese outfit!
      This time, we will propose four such ideas.

      Oriental Tiles China Skirt Navy/Bordeaux/Black ¥11,550 (tax included) Onmyou Janshi China Dress Bordeaux/Green/Purple ¥12,650 (tax included) Oriental Tiles China Blouse Bordeaux/Black/Green/Ivory ¥8,470 (tax included)
      The base items are these three items
      You can enjoy authentic Chinese coordination by wearing it as is, but it is also recommended to arrange it and wear it in various ways.

      Side elastic synthetic leather harness belt Gold/Brown/Beige/Silver Ivory/Off-white ¥6,270 (tax included) Beaded ribbon frill shoes Black enamel/Pink/Lavender ¥7,975 (tax included)
      Just add a harness belt and patent leather shoes to create a landmine-like look.
      The waist is marked with a strong black color, giving the appearance of a slimmer figure.

      Noble Lion Emblem Wide Pants Ivory/Mocha/Black ¥9,790 (tax included) Royal Crown Tote Bag Brown/Black ¥5,995 (tax included)
      Pair it with wide pants for a neat and casual look that's perfect for the office.
      Add some contrast with a brown tote that can hold plenty of documents.

      Beret with message ribbon brooch Navy/Sax/Ivory/Red/Black/Pink ¥5,995 (tax included) Classic School necktie blouse Navy/Green/Camel ¥7,975 (tax included)
      At Amavel, you can create a unified look by matching the colors of the classic marine theme.
      We recommend loafer-type shoes.

      Double ribbon clip with jabot Off-white/Bordeaux/Black/Navy/Sax ¥3,960 (tax included) Frill apron Ivory/Black/Pink ¥4,620 (tax included)
      Purple x ivory Chinese maid style ✨👗
      The frills on the shoulder straps add a touch of sweetness.