[For members only] Pre-sale announcement


      [About handling of points]

      You can use points when making purchases, but please understand that points cannot be awarded for eligible products.


      ・Points cannot be used for "member-only" products.
      ・Points can be used for products that are not limited to members only.
      However, please note that if you place an order with the same order number as a "Members Only" product, you will not be able to use the points.
      ・We apologize for the inconvenience, but when using points, please only order items that are not eligible for members only.

      ・Points will be awarded for both eligible and non-eligible items.

      [About ticket display]

      Pre-sale tickets (QR code) in the app can be used from the start date (12/8).

      Sorry, there are no products in this collection.