For Overseas Customers


For Overseas Customers

Introducing services that can be shipped overseas.

What is "WolrdShopping"
WolrdShopping offers a service to purchase products for customers from online stores in Japan and process overseas shipment to 125 countries.

When you access our site from overseas, "WorldShopping" information is displayed.

※Displayed in English,簡体字(Simplified Chinese),繁体字(Traditional Chinese)and Japanese.

"Add to Cart" button will appear on the Item page.

※If you access from an overseas IP address,
 the item will be added to the WorldShipping Cart even if you click the original "Add to Cart" button.

Select a color, size and quantity and click the "Add to Cart" button.

Choose "Proceed to Cart" or "Continue Shopping".

WorldShopping Cart page.

①Total item amount
②Japan domestic shipping charge(Shipping from Amavel to WorldShipping)
③WorldShipping Service fee
④total amount
are displayed.

Payment method selection and Destination input screen.

※Payment method
We accept credit cards, Alipay, UnionPay, and Paypal.

※Destination input
Basically English input.
Users of Chinese characters such as China, Taiwan, and Hong Kong can input in the local language.

Purchase completed.
You will see a screen like this.

FAQ about world shipping can also be found on this page.